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More Keys are coming, how will they be packaged??

SDCC 2014 revealed more keys (Which I still don't believe is for real). Reps say that we will be getting Females and Sixth Rangers. If 3 keys come per pack, how would the keys fit in packs? Some teams only have 2 missing, some 4, and others as much as 7! Could be they do two more waves of 7 packs of 3 and stick the rest in Feature Megazord and Toys R Us Deluxe Legendary Morpher and Ranger Key set. They could also mix rangers in sets, not do per season but just random. Or they could sell them individually in baggies.
Mighty Morphin
Pink and Yellow are available in Metallic in SDCC exclusive set and are said to come in TRU Deluxe Legendary Morpher set. But if they put them in a 3-pack, will they come with a Translucent Red Ranger? Or Maybe a Translucent White?
Pack Possibility: 70%
 [Picture above from]

 Alien Rangers
Since there are only 2 members left, maybe White And Yellow will come with Ninjor? SDCC 2014 Bandai booth has Ninjor on display and on a promo pic. White and Yellow Alien Rangers were also seen at SDCC 2014.
Pack Possibility: 70 to 90%
 [Picture above from ]

Easy to deduce what keys they will put in a pack: Green, Gold and Pink. Pink and Gold were seen at the SDCC 2014 Bandai Booth. Green was promised with the 2nd wave but was replaced by Yellow.
Pack Possibility: 95% (Very likely)

This is a toughy. Missing Rangers are Pink and Yellow, but also TokuNation spotted Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion at SDCC 2014. So how will they put these 4? Pink was spotted at SDCC 2013 and 2014
Pack Possibility: 50/50
[Picture above from ]

In Space
This is easy to deduce: Silver, Pink and Yellow. All three were spotted at SDCC 2013.
Pack Possibility: 50/50

 Lost Galaxy
This is easy to deduce: Yellow, Pink and Magna Defender. Pink was spotted at SDCC 2013, Yellow and Magna Defender at SDCC 2014.
Pack Possibility: 50/50
[Picture above from RangerCrew Blog]

Lightspeed Rescue
Hopefully Pink, Yellow and Titanium, but Titanium will be part of the PMC exclusive and so far none of them were spotted.
Pack Possibility: 50/50
[Picture above from]
Time Force
Best hunch: Pink, Yellow and Quantum Pink Time Force was spotted at SDCC 2014 and Quantum Ranger in a promo pic at SDCC 2014. All three are rumored to be part of the Feature Megazord.
Pack Possibility: Most likely Feature Megazord
[Above picture from GoldKingRanger]

Wild Force
A no-brainer would be White, Yellow and Silver. White Wild Force was spotted at SDCC 2013, Lunar Wolf was spotted at both SDCC 2013 and 2014 and Yellow at SDCC 2014.

Ninja Storm
The best hunch would be: Crimson, Navy and Green. Crimson was spotted at SDCC 2013 and 2014. Green and Navy were both spotted at SDCC 2014

Dino Thunder
Yellow and White are the only missing, they were spotted at SDCC 2014. They could be included with a Metallic or Translucent Red.
Pack Possibility: 70%
This is another hard one. Pink, Yellow, Omega, Shadow and Kat are missing. Shadow was spotted at SDCC 2013. Omega, Yellow and Shadow were spotted at SDCC 2014. What they could do is 2 packs: Yellow, Pink and Omega; and Metallic Red, Shadow and Kat. Kat was included in Japan.
Pack Possibility: 50 to 70 %
[Picture above from RangerCrew Blog]

Mystic Force
Best hunch: Pink, Blue and Solaris Knight. Pink and Blue were spotted in SDCC 2014 promo pic. Solaris Knight was also spotted there. White Mystic Force Ranger and Wolf Warrior were both spotted at SDCC 2014. They could do two packs: one with White Mystic and Wolf Warrior and a Metallic Red.
Pack Possibility (Pink/Blue/Gold): 95% (Very Likely)
[Picture above from RangerCrew Blog]
Operation Overdrive
Pink and Yellow are rumored to come with the Feature Megazord. Mercury Ranger was spotted at SDCC 2013 and 2014. A no-brainer would be Pink, Yellow and Mercury. Sentinel Knight was included in Japan but who knows.
Pack Possibility: Most Likely Feature Megazord
[Above picture from GoldKingRanger]
Jungle Fury
Violet will be included in the PMC Exclusive. Violet was also spotted at SDCC 2014. Missing are Violet, White, Dai Shi, Camile and Spirit Rangers. Who knows how they will handle this. Violet is also rumored to be included in Feature Megazord. Most likely we will get some in individual bags.
Pack Possibility: Unsure
[Picture above from]

Missing are Green, Black, Gold and Silver. Silver, Green and Black were spotted at SDCC 2013. Gold and Silver were spotted at SDCC 2014. Who knows how they will handle this.
Pack Possibility: 60 to 80%
Pink and Yellow are said to come in the TRU Legendary Morpher set. Gold was spotted at SDCC 2013 and 2014. Gold, Pink and Lauren were spotted in the SDCC 2014 promo. Lauren has been in promos but yet to be released. Could be they release Gold and Lauren in one pack and leave Yellow and Pink for the TRU set. Or maybe they will come in individual bags.
Pack Possibility: Unsure
Individual Bag Possibility: 70 to 80%
[Picture above from Razzle]
Robo Knight comes with the Silver Spear. Pink and Yellow are said to come in the TRU Legendary Morpher set. It is unknown if they will get a pack. Robo Knight, Pink and Yellow were spotted in SDCC 2014 promo poster.
Pack Possibility: Slim
[Photo Credit:]

According to FuryDiamond, these are the keys present (bold are unreleased):
  1. Red Armored MM Ranger
  2. Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
  3. Red Alien Ranger
  4. Red Zeo Ranger
  5. Red Turbo Ranger
  6. Red In Space Ranger
  7. Red Lightspeed Ranger
  8. Red Time Force Ranger
  9. Red Wild Force Ranger
  10. Red Ninja Storm Ranger
  11. Red Dino Thunder Ranger
  12. Red SPD Ranger
  13. Red Mystic Force Ranger
  14. Red Operation Overdrive Ranger
  15. Red Jungle Fury Ranger
  16. Red RPM Ranger
  17. Red Samurai Ranger
  18. Red Megaforce Ranger
  19. Red Super Megaforce Ranger
  20. Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger
  21. Blue Alien Ranger
  22. Blue Zeo Ranger
  23. Blue Alien Ranger
  24. Blue Zeo Ranger
  25. Blue Turbo Ranger
  26. Blue In Space Ranger
  27. Blue Lost Galaxy Ranger
  28. Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
  29. Blue Time Force Ranger
  30. Blue Wild Force Ranger
  31. Blue Ninja Storm Ranger
  32. Blue Dino Thunder Ranger
  33. Blue SPD Ranger
  34. Blue Operation Overdrive Ranger
  35. Blue Jungle Fury Ranger
  36. Blue Samurai Ranger
  37. Blue Megaforce Ranger
  38. Blue Super Megaforce Ranger
  39. Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger
  40. Yellow Alien Ranger
  41. Yellow Zeo Ranger
  42. Yellow In Space Ranger
  43. Yellow Lost Galaxy Ranger
  44. Yellow Wild Force Ranger
  45. Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger
  46. Yellow Mystic Force Ranger
  47. Yellow Operation Overdrive Ranger
  48. Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger
  49. Yellow RPM Ranger
  50. Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger
  51. Green Mighty Morphin Ranger
  52. Green Zeo Ranger
  53. Green Turbo Ranger
  54. Green Lost Galaxy Ranger
  55. Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
  56. Green Time Force Ranger
  57. Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)
  58. Green SPD Ranger
  59. Green Mystic Force Ranger
  60. Green RPM Ranger
  61. Green Samurai Ranger
  62. Green Super Megaforce Ranger
  63. Black Mighty Morphin Ranger
  64. Black Alien Ranger
  65. Black Space Ranger
  66. Black Wild Force Ranger
  67. Black Dino Thunder Ranger
  68. Black Operation Overdrive Ranger
  69. Black Megaforce Ranger
  70. Mighty Morphin White Ranger
  71. White Alien Ranger
  72. White Mystic Force Ranger
  73. Omega Ranger
  74. Rhino Ranger
  75. Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger
  76. Pink Zeo Ranger
  77. Pink Turbo Ranger
  78. Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger
  79. Pink Time Force Ranger
  80. Pink SPD Ranger
  81. Pink Samurai Ranger
  82. Pink Super Megaforce Ranger
  83. Blue Senturion
  84. Ninjor
  85. Navy Ranger
  86. Shadow Ranger
  87. Magna Defender
  88. Phantom Ranger
  89. Wolf Warrior
  90. Crimson Ranger
  91. Solaris Knight
  92. Gold RPM Ranger
  93. Gold Zeo Ranger
  94. Gold Samurai Ranger
  95. Violet Wolf Ranger
  96. Silver RPM Ranger
  97. Lunar Wolf Ranger
  98. Mercury Ranger

 Rangers seen in promo posters but not on display:
  1. Lauren (Red Samurai Ranger)
  2. Pink Mystic Force Ranger
  3. Blue Mystic Force Ranger
  4. White Wild Force Ranger
  5. Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger
  6. Pink Dairanger (Houhouranger)
  7. Green Dairanger (Shishiranger)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SDCC 2014 News: Legacy Titanus, Tigerzord, Saba, Movie Morpher, PMC Exclusives, and More Ranger Keys

UPDATED 7/24/14 8:30 AM EST
Pictures thanks to Sentai Rangers, TokuNation and
Pictures from @SentaiRangers

 Legacy Tigerzord, Legacy Saba, Legacy Titanus (coming soon), surprise-surprise Legacy Movie White Ranger Morpher and PMC Exclusive Violet Jungle Fury Ranger and Titanium Ranger Keys. And shocker we getting the Movie Morpher. I never imagined the day. I just bought the Gold one, I definitely am saving up for this one.

The Dino Charge Megazord toys, everyone is complaining about the Purple Dricera (Triceratops), it is supposed to be Pink.

Other Dino Charge items are the morpher (a gun), 5 inch figure and the batteries.

Following images from Tokunation:
PMC Exclusive Violet Jungle Fury Ranger and Titanium Ranger Keys. This is a surprise that we are only getting TWO keys for PMC.
 Legacy Power Morpher
White Ranger
Movie Edition

I spot SPD Yellow, Yellow Dino Thunder, Pink Turbo, Blue Mystic Force, Zeo Gold, Solaris Knight, RPM Silver, Pink Dairanger, Ninjor, Crimson Ranger, Megaforce Yellow, Green Dairanger, Shadow Ranger, Navy Ranger, Pink Samurai, and Pink Mystic Force in the promo picture.
I see Shadow Ranger in the poster. From what I can tell from this picture (Rangers are correct, order may not):
[Bold as Un-Released, Regular as Released and Italics as Unknown]
Top Right to Left:
Zeo Pink, RPM Gold, Samurai Red, Ninjor, [Sentinel Knight?], OO Red, White Dino Thunder, Yellow Alien Ranger, Blue Jungle Fury, Black In Space, Red Dino Thunder, OO Blue, Green Time Force, Shadow Ranger, White MM Ranger, [Unknown Blue], Blue Ninja Storm, [Unknown Green], [Unknown Red]
Second Row from top Right to Left:  
Yellow Wild Force, RPM Blue, Red Super Megaforce, Alien Black, [Unknown], Samurai Green, Time Force Pink, Blue--Wild Force, In Space Red, [Mystic Force Yellow], Megaforce Blue, Red Zeo, Violet Wolf Ranger, [Unknown Yellow], [Unknown Blue], [Unknown Green], Silver RPM, [Unknown Blue], Blue Alien Ranger
Third Row from top Right to Left:
Lost Galaxy Blue, Samurai Gold, Lunar Wolf Ranger, SPD Red, [Unknown Pink], Lost Galaxy Yellow, Omega Ranger, SPD Pink, Black Megaforce, Red Mystic Force, [Unknown Yellow-Alien?], [Green Unknown], [Unknown Blue-Time Force?], [Red Unknown], [Unknown Yellow], [Unknown Red], [Unknown Green], White Mystic Force, [Unknown Green]
Bottom Row Right to Left:
MM Pink, Jungle Fury Yellow, Megaforce Red, [Unknown], Mystic Force Green, Red Jungle Fury, SPD Blue, Crimson Ranger, Gold Zeo Ranger, Zeo Green, In Space Yellow, [Unknown Red], [Unknown Blue], Red Time Force, [Phantom Ranger?], Unknown Blue], [Unknown Yellow], [Unknown Red].
Pic from Rangerboard:
I won't believe it until it is seen on Amazon or stores. We were tricked at the last SDCC. I counted around 98 keys in this picture, there is about 33 unreleased, there is so far 70 keys available. There is around 9 (Gold Samurai, RPM Gold, Lunar Wolf, Violet Wolf, Pink Time Force, Omega Ranger Crimson Ranger, Zeo Gold, In Space Yellow) that I can tell were at SDCC 2013 that are on display here that have yet to be released. I don't know what to think!!!! My nephew Jaiden is excited about Ninjor. Most of the unreleased keys were seen at SDCC last year except for Ninjor, this is the first time we see an American Ninjor Ranger Key. (Ninjaman got a key along with Metal Heroes special set)
Picture from TokuNation:
Power Ranger Cosplayers get a special Translucent Green Ranger Key at SDCC 2014.
Following pictures from FuryDiamond of RangerCrew, MegaforceCast and RangerCrew Blog:


Poll Results: Hypothetical PMC exclusives/MMPR Reboot

What character mix would you prefer for MMPR film if they kept character names?
  85 (77%)
  29 (26%)
  25 (22%)

In the MMPR Reboot, would you want the same main five characters or new ones?
Main Five
  73 (67%)
New Five
  35 (32%)
 Would you be okay if Black Ranger was African-American and Yellow was Asian in the MMPR Reboot?
  93 (91%)
  9 (8%)

How much are willing to pay for a PMC Exclusive of hypothetical missing keys (50-60)?
  53 (67%)
  31 (39%)
  22 (28%)
  24 (30%)
  17 (21%)
  20 (25%)
What do you think about the new writers and producers added to the MMPR Reboot Film?
Love It
  56 (56%)
  34 (34%)
Not Sure
  28 (28%)
  15 (15%)
Don't Know yet
  20 (20%)
Don't Like it
  9 (9%)

What would you rather have as a Power Morphicon Exclusive?
25 Female keys
  52 (44%)
15 Sixth Ranger Keys
  40 (34%)
50 Female/Six Keys
  32 (27%)
60 Female/Six/Extra
  66 (56%)
12 Extra Hero Keys
  47 (40%)
Hypothetically this would include the 25 missing females, 15 sixth rangers, 12 extra heroes (Ninjor, Blue Senturion, Phantom Ranger, Magna Defender, Shadow Ranger, Kat Ranger, White Mystic Ranger, Wolf Warrior, Sentinel Knight, Dai Shi, Camile, and Lauren) and more (Spirit Rangers and Titanium Ranger).

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Mystery of the (Lauren) Red Samurai Ranger Key

 UPDATED 7/23/14 10:45 PM EST
 Like the Zeo Green Ranger, we have been teased about the female Red Samurai Ranger Key. It appears on the back of boxes of not only the Spring Wave but also Fall Wave. The Zeo Green Ranger Key was replaced by Yellow in the Fall Wave toy box backs, but not the Lauren Key.
All the Samurai Multipacks the male Red Samurai Ranger was released, not Lauren.
So far it looks like we will not be getting the Lauren key. My theory is that Bandai America didn't have a promotional image of the Jayden key in time for printing and didn't notice it needed changing when re-printing. They probably noticed the Zeo different by color but don't notice a extra stripe of color (not color blind but skirt blind).
The promo pic for the Super Mega Cannon had the female Red Ranger key but instead comes with the Red Samurai Ranger Key (Jayden). Many fans have just painted red on the male key.
Saban Brands will be giving out a translucent Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Key to best cosplays at SDCC. More information at Morphin Legacy.

Picture from TokuNation:
Power Ranger Cosplayers get a special Translucent Green Ranger Key at SDCC 2014. 

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Sharing Our Numbers (2014)

For the Second Time, I thought I would share a bit of stats that has collected about my blog Henshin Grid like which countries visit the blog the most (Obviously the USA) but also mostly Asian countries and no surprise Brazil is included as Toku has aired in Brazil. Also in honor of the 15th anniversary of coming in August!!
Pageviews by Countries:

United States 6,200,944
United Kingdom 703,042
Indonesia 639,856
Malaysia 486,033
Brazil 375019
Canada 351834
Philippines 282632
India 157973
Japan 153784
France 106347
Three years ago, the third was Brazil, it is now fifth. Malaysia was fifth, it is now fourth. France and India were not part of the ten countries, Singapore and Vietnam were. Japan was 8th, it is now 9th. Phillippines was 6th and now it is 7th. Canada was 7th, it is now 6th. It had 1,407 views, it now has 351, 834.

Pageviews by Browsers
 Chrome  3892354 (27%)
Internet Explorer 3796668 (27%)
Firefox 3340636 (23%)
Safari 1907889 (13%)
Mobile Safari 446012 (3%)
Opera 342380 (2%)
BingPreview 180244 (1%)
Mobile 55394 (<1 font="">
CriOS 33683 (<1 font="">
Silk 11666 (<1 br="">

Three years ago, the browser most used was Firefox, now it is third. Chrome was third back then, they switched places. BlingPreview, Mobile, CriOS and Silk were now added, GranParadiso, UP.Browser and Chrome Frame were removed.

 Pageviews by Operating Systems
Windows 10790055 (77%)
Macintosh 1046248 (7%)
Android 555375 (4%)
iPhone 545709 (3%)
iPad 449229 (3%)
iPod 215501 (1%)
Linux 147685 (1%)
BlackBerry 76398 (<1 font="">
Other Unix 29834 (<1 font="">
PLAYSTATION 3 22903 (<1 font="">

10,790,055 people use Windows, that is 10,742,454 more than 3 years ago (47,601).

 Search Keywords
 henshin grid 202913
power rangers samurai 54291
power rangers 49607
henshingrid 23165
skylar Deleon 10505
hector david jr 10001
kamen rider dragon knight 6346
alex heartman 5499
power rangers super samurai 5379
amy jo Johnson 4212

Pageviews today 5,524
Pageviews yesterday 5,871
Pageviews last month 173,917
Pageviews all time history 14,279,973

Three years ago the all time history pageviews was 4,556,948. It is now 14,279,973. That is 9,723,025 more than it was 3 years ago.

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Sailor Moon Crystal - Sailor Mercury - Review

Ami gets the best grades, some boys say she has no friends and she hears this. She sees Usagi with her friends, who doesn't score well on tests. Meanwhile, Jadeite faces Queen Beryl and he is told to collect energy, he calls a new Youma. At Usagi's home, Usagi is surprised she has to fight youma once again. Luna says they have find their allies and the princess. Usagi wonders about Sailor V and Tuxedo Mask. Luna has someone in mind. While Usagi sleeps, Luna is at a computer that seems to be a palace that has files on Usagi, Tuxedo Mask and Ami.
Next day at school, the kids talk about a Crystal Seminar that Ami is a part of. Umino says Ami's mom is a doctor. The other kids think Ami is cold. On Juban Street, Usagi looks a ther bad grades when Luna jumps on Ami and they become fast friends. Usagi speaks to Ami, who says she thought Luna was an angel as she jumped from the sky. Usagi grabs Luna from Ami and Ami gets a flash of the Moon Palace in the Silver millennium. Usagi introduces themselves, wonder if Ami will teach her how to study. Usagi invites Ami to the arcade where she excels at the Sailor V game, to the surprise of Motoki and Usagi.

As a prize, the Mercury transmation pen comes out of the machine but Ami thinks it is a regular pen. Usagi bangs the machine, wanting a prize too and the transformation pen comes out for her too.  Ami tells Usagi she wants to be a doctor like her mom and runs off to the Crystal Seminar. Over there, we meet the teacher who is also a Youma and she gives Ami the Crystal Disk which ends up hypnotizing Ami. At school, Usagi and her friends notice that their friend Kuri is also going to the seminar and is too involved in her studying. Ami uses her new pen at the Media Center where Usagi spots her and asks her to go for Ice Cream.

 Ami gets hypnotized and leaves. Luna tells Usagi that they have to check on her, they grab the Crystal Disk she left behind. In town Usagi bumps into the youma woman and gets a flyer. The flyer has Ami's face on it, Luna tells her not to litter and she throws it and it hits Mamoru. Mamoru says he is not a trash can and asks if her cat was talking. Usagi runs off. At home, they check the disk on the computer and Usagi presses random keys, making the disk come out with the secret hypnotizing message that mentions the Silver Crystal. They go to the seminar place. Luna tells her to use her Change Pen and say "Moon Power."
Usagi changes to a doctor and goes passed the security guards. The youma is above Ami and wants her to solve problems faster. She wants to use Ami's intelligence and grabs the Mercury Pen. Ami remembers Usagi. The teacher throws the pen, Ami goes for it but she stops her. Usagi comes in and tells Ami that she is being used. She shows off the disk, saying she knows it has a brainwashing program. The Youma shows her true self. Luna tells her to transform but she worries about Ami, Luna says it is fine. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. Moon calls her a friend which Ami repeats. Moon cries, breaking glass but the waves don't work on the Youma.

Moon gets hurt by Youma's attacks and gets pinned to the wall. The monster comes closer when Ami screams to stop and her symbol glows on her forehead. Ami tells her to use the pen, which shocks Ami of course. Ami transforms Sailor Mercury. She does a speech similar but different than the Moon one. Luna says she is the brains. She does Mercury Aqua Mist which makes a fog. Moon is freed and saved by Tuxedo Mask.
He tells her to finish the monster. Moon with a new sequence uses the Tiara and destroys the monster. Jadite watches from outside and knows there is  another Senshi. Ami and Usagi walk and agree to be friends and deduce Luna gave them the pens in the arcade. Ami has many questions but Usagi is tired. We get a quick glimpse of Rei.

Like I said two weeks ago, we have been through this before. I hate to reiterate but PGSM did handle it differently and uniquely. As with the Manga and original Anime, Ami is part of the Crystal Seminar. In the Anime, Luna thought Mercury was evil but not so in the Manga nor here. I did like how Ami's need for friends is still prevalent. Also, I like how her uniform is a bit darker and shabby. The pens coming from the arcade is from the manga. Luna in a palace computer is also from the manga but I am not sure if it is from Act 2 or not. It is not clear here in SMC if it is at the arcade, Usagi's room or somewhere else.  
I did like how Mamoru quickly noticed that Luna talked, he did in the Anime too but it was dismissed and sort of not sure if he knew for sure. I like Sailor Mercury's transformation sequence, it is similar to the original Anime. Also in the whole episode wasn't bad, it was just too similar with not much anything new, just new venues and different order. The animation like always beautiful. I just feel like this series is going through the motions.