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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Love is in the Air - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:
Jake kicks a ball through the school window to a goal post, hitting Mr. Burley's head. In the main Armada ship, Vekar wants to do better, he assigns Levira to make a plan. Later, Jake kicks balls into trash cans while Noah takes video. Vekar's new butler spots Levira, who was his childhood crush. He makes a love potion, which makes her falls for the first he sees, which ends up being Jake--she was observing him. She sends the butler to capture Jake. X-Borgs attack, Noah tries helping Jake but the X-Borgs aren't that interested in him. Noah morphs and then Jake, the others arrive and then they go Super Mega mode. They go Mighty Morphin and Troy slashes the monster, who says he is a lover, not a fighter. Levira is mad. She says Jake is hunky and the monster hears this.

Monster is in the garbage and a woman (from the footage) talks to him. Later the others talk about the monster and why they want Jake (Emma says he is cute). The monster returns but is burning up and runs through the Rangers. Levira defends Jake, the monster thinks she used him and he turns up the heat and throws it at Levira and a ragdoll of Jake. The other four just watch. Noah thinks a human-alien triangle is gross. Damaras thinks it is a spell. Jake runs around from Levira as she fights the monster. Levira tells the Rangers to help so they morph into Megaforce. Argus thinks they should let this play out, Damaras says they have to take action, Argus says they can't without the Prince's approval (maybe foreshadowing?) So the Rangers go Super Mega and fight the monster. The monster does a fire attack.

The Rangers turn into Turbo (Carranger) and do an attack involving bicycles, unicycle, skates and a skateboard. Troy does the final attack and they go back to Super Mega. Levira runs back for Jake. Vekar makes the monster big. Jake tries to fix the problem by having the monster ask Levira on a date which he does. But then the monster attacks the Rangers and the they call the Megazord. They do the Turbo Spin Out but doesn't call it that and knock him out of the park, he lands inside the ship without being big anymore. Levira is over the spell. At the Brain Freeze, Jake is about to ask Gia on a date (by Emma's encouragement) BUT Noah interrupts with a viral video of Jake which somehow makes the Rangers including Troy cheer.

Episode Review:
Fans loved the last ep and not so much this one, complaining of its laziness and it being a filler episode and not resolving much of the Jake-Gia relationship. While some find it funny, some didn't like how the gang just stood and stared at Levira swing Jake around, also what Noah said about alien-human romance. I am not surprised they used the Carranger/Turbo sequence of Rangers on bike and unicycle. Fans liked that they didn't use the Sentai Turboranger and also hated that they didn't call the Turbo Megazord-inspired final attack as "Turbo Spinout." I am surprised they didn't use the backstory flashback scene of Levira and the butler in school clothes, I guess that was too weird for the Super Megaforce producers (even though they did use the unicycles and bicycles).

Another complaint is too much changing back and forth, from Megaforce to Super Mega which is just redundant. I think they could have made it funnier, by having Emma and Gia egg on Jake even more. Noah repeating that he was ignored was a bit dumb. Also, with all the new footage they did today, they could've done more in earlier episodes (to replace Pre-Zyu Sentai) or even in this ep by adding Silver!! Fans also complained where Silver was. As in the original episode, Silver was not present as it was BEFORE Silver made his debut. But they could've at least made an excuse for Orion like they used for Antonio on Samurai. Oh also, the scene of the woman talking to the 'dumped' monster was from the Japanese series, the woman was from the footage. Oh also, the Jake ragdoll was hilarious.

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Facial Hair in Power Rangers

Yoshi Sudarso (Blue Dino Charge Ranger) joked that he was made to shave for Power Rangers, it made me think which Rangers had facial hair before. Most of them being Disney Era Rangers. Most of them are Sixth or Auxiliary Rangers. RJ is the only main Ranger of the core team to have facial hair. The majority of main teams are clean shaven. Only Jack of SPD look like he just shaved his moustache or had to.
Merrick (Phillip Andrew)/Lunar Wolf Ranger of Wild Force had a goatee which does not include a moustache.
Dr. O/Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank)/Black Dino Ranger in Dino Thunder had occasional facial hair and sometimes a goatee.
 Daggeron (John Tui)/Solaris Knight in Mystic Force had a Van Dyke which includes the moustache.
Leanbow/Wolf Warrior (Chris Graham) in Mystic Force had a Van Dyke but more emphasized chin hair.

 RJ/Violet Ranger (David De Latour) of Jungle Fury had facial hair, a slight Van Dyke but lighter.

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Poll Results: PMC Live/Early PRSM Eps/Doug Sloan/Solid Color Keys

Doug Sloan said at a PMC that kids don't play with toys as much as they did in 1993, do you agree?
  49 (58%)
  23 (27%)
  26 (30%)

What do you think about Super Megaforce episodes released a week earlier?
Good Idea
  51 (67%)
I Like It
  21 (27%)
  16 (21%)
Makes No Sense
  14 (18%)
Not Good
  7 (9%)
 What do you think the All-color Blue, Pink and Silver keys coming with the Halloween Costumes?
  26 (24%)
Who Cares
  38 (36%)
Real Cool
  47 (44%)
Too much Money
  29 (27%)

If you saw the Power Morphicon Live thanks to Shout! Factory, did you like it?
Loved it
  29 (35%)
It was okay
  13 (16%)
  14 (17%)
Didn't catch it
  48 (59%)

Lavender Ranger's Editioral: Pre-Zyu and Dairanger Theories in Super Megaforce

Fellow Power Force member Eric Berry of Ranger Command Power Hour has an inspirational theory on the use of previously non-Power Rangers (Dairanger and any Sentai before Zyuranger) used in Super Megaforce. A while back in Dino Thunder, specifically episode "Bully for Ethan," Tommy had files with logos of pre-Zyu teams like Liveman, Changeman, Maskman, Goggle V, Flashman and After-Zyu like Dairanger. So one fan-theory can be that these teams are somehow canon in Power Rangers. Since Dairanger, Liveman and Flashman have been seen, these are excusable. So if they use any other team (like Jetman or Turboranger), then that defeats this theory. Above image I found on Deviantart but couldn't find who made it. But the logos are clearly from my website as I scanned them from a book that had blue background.
Now so far in Super Megaforce, we have seen...
Gia has become Yellow Mask of Maskman.

Emma has become Pink Flash of Flashman.
Green Flash of Flashman in "Power of Six"

 "Legendary Squadron"
Dairanger have been dubbed "Legendary Squadron." Four of them appear in "Earth Fights Back," Troy becomes Red in "Samurai Surprise," and all five appear in "The Perfect Storm." Orion becomes  "Mighty Morphin White Ranger" without any connection to the team mentioned. (In Japan, they were all the same team of Dairanger)

Turboranger has only appeared for a few seconds. They appeared briefly in "A Lion's Alliance" where the Rangers fall off the Anamarium and when the Rangers turn into Saban's Turbo (Carranger) in "Love is in the Air" and we see Jake hold the Turbo Black key. But I don't count them.
My Questions
  • Was it planned ahead which Sentai would be used?
  • If it wasn't planned ahead of time, did they then planned to do the full team?
  • Do the producers refer them by their Sentai names and did they have to clear rights?
My Theories
One reason they could had used this teams was there was no budget to remove them and replace them with existing Power Rangers. One theory that can be that the Sentai was used wasn't planned, that scripts were re-written at last minute. I think what happened was that with whole thing of using the Megaforce (Goseiger) suits before transforming into Super Megaforce (Gokaiger) suits, ate up the budget. What they could have done was they lost the Megaforce powers and they became keys and just use the Super Megaforce powers so they didn't have to shoot new footage of Megaforce Rangers fighting X-Borgs or have the awkwardness of Robo Knight on Orion's Gold Armor chest. Also. you see the all-Green photo above? Even though only two were Power Rangers, given two were already used in SM like Dairanger and Flashman, I think this might be used. Episode Description of "Emperor Marvo" suggests Damaras will be defeated, the Japanese footage with that has the Gokaiger becoming Shurikenger/Green Samurai Ranger (NS), Green Flash, Midoranger, Denji Green, Shinken Green/Green Samurai Ranger and Shishiranger. Goranger and Denjiman suits are kind of old and strange looking but oh well, they have done stranger things. Or they could be replaced like Megaforce Red was replaced with Operation Overdrive Red in "Super Megaforce" episode.

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Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Everyone else relagated to Extra Heroes

I went over the list of who counts as a Sixth Ranger for Saban Brands. Some fans asked about Spirit Rangers and Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren), I just know more fans would ask the same. So I decided to cover those who Toei and Gokaiger consider Bangai Heroes, Bangai meaning 'Extra' in this context. Many fans have referred to those that don't quite fit in 'Sixth Ranger' category as Extra Hero. This would be 7th or 8th Rangers and also those heavy armored heroes like Sentinel Knight and Blue Senturion.

 Ninjor was a mentor who would occasionally fight with the Megazords. In Episode 45 of Gokaiger, it has been revealed he was in a jar during the Legacy War and destroyed by Goseiger's villains but the Timerangers sent the Gokaiger to save him (without their knowledge). He had a toy in America and Japan. It is unknown if he will appear in Super Megaforce but it seems Bandai will be making a Ranger Key of him. Since he was never a 'Sixth' position as he was introduced after they had six Rangers, he is considered a Extra Hero by fans.

 Auric the Conqueror 
Auric was an ally like Ninjor and fought with the zords (sometimes) but wasn't a big deal, he didn't get a lot of focus. His disappearance was not explained but maybe it can be thought he was stuck in his tiki-form. He had a toy in America and Japan. He was not in Gokaiger and had no Ranger Key. Nor does he seem to get one for Power Rangers. Anyway, not many fans are clamoring for him.

Blue Senturion
Uncharted terrority with extra heroes in Power Rangers realm, he wasn't exactly a Sixth Ranger. He was in Gokaiger and was considered a Extra Hero in Japan and had a Ranger Key toy and on the show. In America, it looks like he will get a Ranger Key. We might see him in Super Megaforce as Green became him in the footage being used for the episode "All Hail Vekar" but it hasn't aired yet so we don't know. He is not in the Legendary Battle.

Phantom Ranger
VRV Master in Carranger was not really a sixth ranger nor an extra hero, he was not included in Gokaiger. But he was voted for Morphin Madness to have a Ranger Key by fans and might be getting a Ranger Key. He did get a Halloween Costume two years in a row. He has not been spotted in the Legendary Battle, most likely the suit has been lost and Saban was not going to remake it. Since he is getting a toy key but doesn't appear on the show, I consider him an 'Extra Hero.'
Magna Defender
 Toei counted him as an 'Extra Hero' in Gokaiger. In the US. In Gokaiger, even though he does not appear on Silver's morpher or armor, Silver does get his key as Black Knight is his hero and does become him. In Super Megaforce, since they are sticking to the Japanese footage, Magna Defender is not on the Silver Ranger's Gold Armor but most likely Orion will become him.  Magna Defender does appear in the Legendary Battle in the last episode, no other Extra Heroes do not. I call him an 'inbetweener' as he is in the Legendary Battle and has a key in a game, but he isn't part of the Sixth Rangers of Orion on the show.
Shadow Ranger
He is considered Extra Hero for Gokaiger and got a key. According to the Bandai booth at SDCC 2014, he'd get a key too. He does not appear in the Legendary Battle. It is unknown if he will appear in Super Megaforce as the episodes Rangers became him doesn't seem to be adapted but who knows, he might be squeezed in there.
Kat Ranger
She appeared in Gokaiger and got a Ranger Key as an Extra Hero. It is unknown if Bandai will make an American key as she was not seen at SDCC 2014 among other Extra Hero keys. We might see her in Super Megaforce as Pink became him in the footage being used for the episode "All Hail Vekar" but it hasn't aired yet so we don't know. She is not in the Legendary Battle.
Nova Ranger
She was not in Gokaiger and never got a key. Maybe because she only appeared in one episode that she was not selected by Toei to be in Gokaiger. It doesn't look like Bandai will be releasing a Nova Ranger Key. I mean, if they don't even make Kat Ranger a key, what chance does Nova have?

White Mystic Ranger
Funny how Shadow Ranger was considered a sixth ranger by fans but ultimately he is an Extra Hero and Omega is the sixth but Udonna appeared first and then the five Rangers, she is still considered 7th after Sentinel Knight. She was in Gokaiger and got a key. It is unknown if she will appear in Super Megaforce as the episodes Rangers became her doesn't seem to be adapted but who knows, she might be squeezed in there. She will be getting a Ranger Key.

Koragg the Wolf Warrior
He is considered a Extra Hero by fans. In Japan, he was an Extra Hero, was in Gokaiger and had a Ranger Key. It looks like he will get a Ranger Key in America. We might see him in Super Megaforce as Red became him in the footage being used for the episode "All Hail Vekar" but it hasn't aired yet so we don't know. He is not in the Legendary Battle.

Sentinel Knight
He was a '7th hero' in Boukenger, he occasionally helped in Operation Overdrive and was used as armor for Red Sentinel Ranger. He was an Extra Hero for Gokaiger and had a Ranger Key. I did not see a Ranger Key for him in the SDCC 2014 pictures (I did not attend). We might see him in Super Megaforce as Yellow became him in the footage being used for the episode "All Hail Vekar" but it hasn't aired yet so we don't know. He is not in the Legendary Battle.
Dai Shi and Camile
They were evil, then when Dai Shi was expelled from Jarrod, they reformed and fought for a good cause. In Japan, Rio and Mele were considered Extra Heroes and appeared in Gokaiger and had Ranger Keys. People consider them fourth and fifth Rangers for some reason. At SDCC 2013 and 2014, Dai Shi and Camile did not appear as keys. It looks like they won't get keys. It is funny since Mele had no action figure in Japan but did get a Ranger Key toy and in the USA, Camile did get an action figure but it looks like she won't have a key.

Spirit Rangers

Elephant, Bat and Shark Rangers are American-made like Titanium Ranger and many fans wanted keys of them. One fan on the last post says they are sixth rangers but technically they are like 6, 7 and 8th, but in warrior-count, I suppose they are 8th, 9th and 10th. Anyways, I suppose they got forgotten because they are not in the Gokaiger footage. I clumped them in here. It doesn't look like they are getting keys. This is why I scoff every time the Nickelodeon announcer (for Super Megaforce promos) said "They can become... Every... Ranger.. Ever." No.. Not.. Really...

Lauren Red Samurai Ranger

Lauren's key has been teased so much. She has appeared in the back of boxes, promo images and even promo images of Super Mega Cannon. I don't like it. She did not appear at SDCC 2014 but in a poster. She is technically 7th. She is an Extra Hero in Gokaiger, probably to round out the females in the 10 Extra Heroes--four females. I don't know if she will appear in the Legendary Battle as we only seen Green, Yellow and Gold and not Red, Pink and Blue. And there is one scene in the beginning of Super Megaforce that shows five Samurai Rangers, so maybe we will get all 7. But who knows. Also, who knows if we will see the girls transform into her form as the episodes it happens don't seem to be adapted.

Ranger NameIn GokaigerShow Ranger KeyToy Ranger Key Legendary BattleIn Super Megaforce
Ninjor X*   
Auric the Conqueror

 -------- --
Blue Senturion

XXX* X***
Phantom Ranger-- X* --
 Magna DefenderXXX*XX***
Shadow Ranger

Kat Ranger X X  X***
Nova Ranger-- ---- ----
White Mystic RangerXXX*  
Wolf Warrior XXX*  X***
Sentinel KnightXX  X***
Dai ShiXX  
Bat Ranger -------- --
Shark Ranger-- ------ --
Elephant Ranger-----------
Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)XXX**  

 * - Prototype seen at SDCC 2014
** - Seen in promo photos and back of boxes but has not been released yet.
*** - A Guess by the footage and descriptions of upcoming episodes

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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - The Perfect Storm - Episode Review

"The Perfect Storm"
There is a storm and Tensou goes out and gets hit by lightning and forgets who he is. At Brain Freeze, Noah comes in and tells the guys. The Froyo Machine is broken and Gosei calls them to get Tensou. Ernie makes a call for Froyo repair. Vekar wants to use a stone to be place on a pyramid that absorbs storm energy that Vrak was working on. Tensou tries to get attention in the city while the Rangers go around looking for him, Emma on bike, Noah and Orion together, and the others on foot on their own. Emma spots Tensou looking at his reflection. Tensou mistakes a suitcase for him and when talking to it, a big man picks him up and takes him on the bus, mistaking it for his suitcase.

Emma tells this to the others, Jake is nearby and runs to catch the bus. Emma puts the suitcase on her bike and goes after the bike. Tensou remains quiet on the bus. Jake does some parkour and catches up with the bus. He enters the bus, sits next to a nice old lady, he tries to talk to Tensou but when he turns to look, the man is gone. Jake gets out but the man is lost. Jake and Emma meet, they deduce that he has forgotten who he is. Troy meets with them in the park. Jake grabs the suitcase and looks for a tag or label. Troy wants to open it. Emma is not for it, saying it doesn't belong to them.

Gia is at the mall and has spotted the man and Tensou, calling the others. Jake throws Gia the suitcase and she goes after the man to switch them. Noah and Orion spotted a monster and X-Borgs near the trains and tells Troy. They catch the X-Borgs' attention. They morph (Blue instantly to Super Mega Mode). Gia enters the elevator with the man. The man calls someone on his cellphone. Gia is unsuccessful. Jake stops him and asks him the time, he tells him but also tells him he has a watch. In the meantime, Gia switches Tensou with the suitcase. Tensou doesn't recognize them and wants help. Emma tells him to calm down. Gia says to keep him undercover. Troy gets an idea and they stuff Tensou in a stroller.

Meanwhile, Orion has gone to Mighty Morphin Green and Noah is Dino Thunder Blue and weaken the monster. They go back Super Mega and the monster disappears. Noah tells the others about the mountain the monster was headed to. At the mountain, the monster puts the Power Prism in the pyramid. Power fills the monster. Noah and Orion fight X-Borgs. The others arrive. The six transform (five as Megaforce) and fight X-Borgs. Tensou shuts down. They un-morph and tend to Tensou. Tensou remembers who he is again. Gosei calls and tells them to get to the mountain top. Noah gets Tensou on his backpack.

The monster continues powering up. The six transform once again. They take down Bruisers. Blue puts Tensou down. The five go Super Mega. The five go 'Legendary Squadron' and Orion becomes Mighty Morphin White. They then 'use the power of the Zeo Crystal' and become Zeo Rangers. They do the Dynamite Attack and take down the monster. They go back to Super Mega. The monster is still alive and he sends a ball of light into space and activate an Asteroid. Vekar makes the monster big. The rangers enter the Zords. Megzord use the Samurai and Wild force powers and make Legendary Samurai Megazord. Q-Rex Megazord also joins the battle. They use the Fire Smasher and destroy the monster once and for all. The Asteroid enters the atmosphere.

The Megazord detects the Asteroid. They use the cannon with no avail. Orion thinks and tells them to swing him and he uses his Drill attack, destroying the Asteroid. Later, Gosei thanks them for  good job. Tensou enjoys a mirror. The Rangers bid Tensou goodbye. The Froyo machine has been fixed at Brain Freeze, the Rangers find out that the man with the suitcase was the repairman. The man tells Ernie to keep an eye on the Rangers because they seem suspicious.

This episode was accidently put on Hulu Plus for three days, a week before it was to air so many fans saw it. Many fans liked this episode, saying they like the new civilian footage outdoors and more original footage. I think the title is misleading because I thought it would be the Ninja Storm episode but I guess that will be left to the "It's Always Greener or Bluer" episode according to a French website's episode descriptions. Everyone is a buzz about Dairanger being called "Legendary Squadron," I think it is just a safe generic name, to avoid calling it anything special to avert conterversary. I personally liked some parts but its a little too late, I am so disappointed by this production, there are so many parts I see they could have added new morphing footage. I feel like all episodes should have been to this caliber or even better than this and we've seen it done before with the Disney Era. 
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